Tricep Bar Workout Guide

tricep bar - main
tricep bar - main

Effectively work your triceps

Build your triceps at Xercise4Less gyms with our tricep bar workout guide. Improve strength, muscle mass and muscular endurance with this easy-to-follow fitness guide.

You can work on your triceps in a number of different ways. Perhaps the most effective way is through the French press and skull crusher. Don’t worry if you find these names intimidating – the exercises really aren’t!

Tricep bar workouts: a guide

Both exercises target all three heads of your tricep, resulting in better overall tricep development to give you healthy progress. Additionally, the way you grip the tricep bar during these exercises gives you a better range of motion, lessening the burden placed on your elbows, forearms and wrists as opposed to a traditional straight bar.

To successfully complete a French press, simply hold the bar over your head and slowly lower behind the head by bending your forearms at the elbow. We recommend that you perform three or four sets of 6-12 reps. As for the skull crusher; lay flat on a bench and lift the bar over the chest area in a similar fashion to a flat barbell press. Then, lower the bar to the forehead, bending your arms at the elbows and keeping the upper arm straight. The bar is then raised back to the starting position, above the chest. Again, like the French press, we recommend the same amount of sets and reps to gain maximum efficiency for optimum results.

Add weight for gradual progression

Remember, increase the weight each time you revisit the exercises to ensure you are progressively overloading the targeted muscle group to give you visible results as well as increasing the intensity and exertion to challenge your fitness goals and targets.

Tricep exercises are usually programmed in on a ‘push day’. This means you should look to incorporate them into a day when you are also working on your chest and shoulders for a balanced upper body workout.

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