How to Lose Weight with HIIT Exercise Sessions

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How to hit your fat loss targets? Use HIIT!

Lose weight faster with some High Intensity Interval Training at your local Xercise4Less gym; it’s simply one of the best weight loss tips we can give you. You’ll see an increase in both lean muscle mass and an improvement in calorie burn with a successful HIIT weight loss routine. With a HIIT workout you set yourself up for successful fat burning every time you exercise. Achieve more calorie burn in just 15 minutes of HIIT than in an hour jogging on the treadmill. It’s that helpful in your quest to lose weight quickly.

Not only do you burn more calories during a HIIT workout you’ll increase the rate of your metabolism and lose more fat in the 24 hours after your high intensity workout than you would after any steady-state exercise. You won’t lose muscle either as the intense nature of your HIIT fitness session ensures most of the weight lost comes from existing fat stores. You even strengthen your heart muscles and you won’t have a chance to get bored either. So, where do you start? Here are some suggestions for how you can put HIIT to the test at your nearest Xercise4Less gym.

Accelerate Fat Loss with a Stationary Bike Sprint

HIIT really works when you want to slim down and a Stationary Bike Sprint will work your quads and hamstrings intensively. Put some resistance on your spin bike before you start to really add to the intensity. For this HIIT fat burner you pedal as hard and fast as you’re able for a full 30 seconds. Just keep focused on pedalling at a fast pace for that time. Then turn the bike wheels over slowly for 60 seconds at an easy pace and then back to the fast pedal. Repeat for 10-20 rounds, depending on how long you want your HIIT session to be. Let the weight loss begin!

Fight Weight Gain with Battle Ropes

Blitz your belly fat with Battle Ropes at an Xercise4Less Gyms near you. This HIIT exercise couldn’t be simpler or more effective in the fight against weight gain. The key here is to keep going at a really fast pace to get your heart racing. Grip a pair of battle ropes and start some battle rope slams or waves for 30 seconds. Rest for 60 seconds. Repeat your battle rope moves for 10 rounds and learn exactly why this is such a good way to lose weight.

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Incinerate Calories with the Rowing Fat Burner

The Rowing Fat Burner will leave you breathless and your abs and glutes furiously melting calories. Sit on a rowing machine in your Xercise4Less gym and set the distance for 2,000 metres. Row for 60 seconds and then get off the rower at 1:00. Do 5 hollow rocks then immediately sit back on the rower and start rowing until the time is 2:00. Get off the rowing machine and then do 6 hollow rocks. Start rowing again. Continue this HIIT cycle until you have rowed all 2,000 metres, adding one hollow rock each time. By the time you finish you’ll certainly feel the calorie burn!

The Calorie Burning Treadmill Sprint Interval

If you want a leaner and more toned body, you want the fat burning properties of a Treadmill Sprint Interval. This HIIT session is easy to apply and very effective for shedding weight. Start off with a 3 minute jog to warm up and then sprint as fast as you can on the treadmill for 15-20 seconds. Jog at a slow pace for 60 seconds before sprinting again for 15-20 seconds. Repeat this HIIT routine for 10 rounds and you’ll end up with 15 minutes of pure fat loss.

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HIIT Weight Loss Results with Xercise4less Gyms

Smash your fitness targets with Xercise4Less Gyms. We don’t just provide impressive gym facilities like our Ladies Only Gym Zone or Combat Zone with MMA cage; we offer new members a real gym community of friendly members and expert personal trainers ready to support your weight loss programme. Enjoy HIIT sessions of your own creation or work with our personal fitness staff in up to 40 inclusive exercise classes in our spacious fitness studio. Anything you need to help you lose weight quicker is available at your local Xercise4Less gym.