Benefits of Resistance Machine Gym Workouts

Older Woman using Smith Machine _ Weights
Older Woman using Smith Machine _ Weights

Improve your physical health with resistance machines

By using resistance machines available to you in our Xercise4Less Gyms, you’ll be able to transform your body and transform your fitness. Move one step closer to your fitness goals by using our resistance machines gym zones which include machines such as the leg press, lat pulldown and abdominal crunch.

There are many benefits to resistance training that you don’t want to miss out on. Resistance machines help with muscle gain and improve individual muscle strength. Using these machines regularly will also boost weight loss and burn fat at a faster rate which will improve your body confidence and make you feel happier and healthier.

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Resistance workouts increase strength and build muscle

One of the best things about resistance machines at Xercise4Less Gyms is that they help you to get stronger and grow muscle. Resistance training allows you to work on growing individual muscles through targeted movements. For example, the lat pulldown focuses only on your latissimus dorsi (lats) which allows you to really push yourself during your back workout to get bigger and stronger. If you feel like you’ve got specific problem areas on your body or just want to work on getting some muscles bigger than others, resistance machines can really help.

Xercise4Less Gyms have resistance machines that help you work all muscle groups. During your next back workout, use the seated row. For your next abs workout, use the abdominal crunch. For your next shoulder workout, use the shoulder press. Whatever your fitness goals, however you want your body to look, resistance machines will help you to achieve the muscle definition you want.

Weight loss with resistance workouts

The possibilities to achieve your weight loss goals at Xercise4Less Gyms are endless. You’ve got access to a wide range of cardio equipment, an amount of free weights equipment to last a lifetime and resistance machines that allow you to target every single muscle group.

Resistance machines help you to isolate key problem areas and work these muscles to make them stronger but also more defined. You’ll increase muscle definition by losing body fat too. For example, if your lower arms bother you and are a reason for low body confidence, the tricep extension machine and seated tricep dip will help you to reduce body fat and build muscle in your arms. This will result in toned arms. 

Resistance machines also help you to burn calories at a quicker rate. Following a resistance workout, especially at a high-intensity level (i.e. low weight, high reps or intermediate weight and fast reps) will increase your heart rate and put your body into a fat burning state. This helps your body to burn more calories and ultimately lose more weight. To work towards your weight loss goals, don’t neglect resistance machines because they can really help to improve your weight loss journey.

Resistance training - leg press

Become an Xercise4Less Gyms member today

Join Xercise4Less Gyms today and maximise your potential to help you boost your fitness and smash your fitness goals. Whether you’re new to gyms, a casual gym goer or have been using the gym for years, we have something to for you! Our members have access to unique combat equipment including boxing rings and MMA cages, resistance machines, free weights and cardio machines. We provide women the comfort of a ladies only zone and offer a wide range of group exercise classes including Les Mills workouts, spin, yoga and Zumba to help you smash your goals.

Benefits of Cardio Training in the Gym

Cardio Treadmill Workout
Cardio Treadmill Workout

Regular cardio workouts help with weight loss

No matter your fitness level or experience of gym workouts, cardio training is something that everyone can do and should do to help them get fitter and healthier. By working on your cardio fitness, you’ll soon reap a number of benefits that will mean that you leave the gym happier.

One of the biggest benefits of cardio training is weight loss and by including regular cardio workouts in your workout programme, you’ll lose weight quicker. If you’re using an Xercise4Less gym to try lose excess weight and reduce your body fat, you need to be doing regular cardio training. This could mean using a treadmill, an exercise bike, a rowing machine or a stair climber – whatever suits you and your gym session.

Cardio Equipment - Bike

Smash your fitness goals with cardio training

Whatever Xercise4Less gym you visit, you’ll find a large cardio gym zone. We provide this space so that every single one of our valued members has the freedom to work on their fitness journey in away to suit them. It doesn’t matter what your current fitness level is, the cardio gym zone allows you to take your workout at your own pace.

Whether you’re using the gym to maintain your current health and fitness or you’re competing for a major sport competition, cardio training can help you. To make sure we’re at our full health, we should be doing some sort of physical exercise every single day. For some people this may be spending 90 minutes running up and down a football pitch or it could just mean spending 20 minutes in the gym using a cardio machine. Either way, some form of cardiovascular training will improve your physical health. It will increase the strength of your heart as you’ll be pushing yourself to your limits and testing yourself. You’ll also reduce your risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol as you sweat away body fat and burn excess calories.

The more that you raise your heart rate, the more calories and fat that you burn from all over your body. This puts your body into a weight losing state, but only if you are in a calorie deficit too. To really smash your weight loss goals and take your personal fitness to the next level, it’s important to do regular cardio training.

Cardio workouts can improve your mental health

Not only will cardio workouts help you to lose weight and reduce your risk of serious health issues, they help you to focus on and strengthen your mental health. Physical exercise is proven to produce endorphins which leave you feeling happier and much more positive. If you’re someone who struggles with mental health issues, try to do some cardio workouts as regularly as you can to promote happy hormones around your system.

With cardio training, you can do low intensity workouts such as walking on the treadmill with a slight incline or a steady cycle on the stationary bike – doing this for a long period of time allows you to switch off from everything going on in your head and focus on your gym workout. Whether you prefer going to the gym solo or with friends, use your time doing cardio training as a distraction that will not only improve your physical but mental health.

Rowing Machine Workout

Join Xercise4Less Gyms today

Take your health and fitness to the next level by working on your cardiovascular fitness by using quality machines such as treadmills, rowing machines and exercise bikes in the cardio gym zones in Xercise4Less Gyms.

We’re proud of our friendly staff and inclusive community in our gyms and welcome people from all backgrounds and experiences to join us. Become a member of Xercise4Less Gyms today whether you’ve never stepped foot into a gym before or are an experienced gym goer because our quality cardio equipment can help you to lose weight. Our members also find everything that they need to help them reach their personal fitness goals including dedicated Ladies Only zones, specialist facilities and spaces and a number of group exercise classes including Les Mills workouts, spin and legs, bums and tums.