Scott Milne – Cumbernauld – The strongest man in Scotland

The Strengths of an Xercise4Less Gym

How would you fancy taking on a 90kg monster dumbbell press, a 200kg duck walk or a truck pull? Don’t worry, they’re not requirements for joining an Xercise4Less gym! But one of our Cumbernauld gym members has taken those enormous challenges on to compete in the UK’s Strongest Man.

The 28-year-old Scott Milne is one of Scotland’s strongest men and can bench press an unbelievable 190kg. Scott is focused on building his already awesome body to prepare for his next strong man challenge this year. Scott packs in intense work out sessions of over two hours five times a week. Where? At his local Xercise4Less gym in Cumbernauld!

But what drives Scott in his quest to be the UK’s Strongest Man?

Sustaining Your Motivation to Work Out

To do what Scott does requires a huge amount of determination, for this superbly strong man, “what motivates me most is my two girls Eilidh (9) and Aria (2) and my amazing fiancé”. Scott feels that “as long as my girls are proud of me then I know I am doing something right”. In fact, his fiancé, Maizy, was the person who got him hooked on body building in the first place when she took him on a date to Scotland’s Strongest Man competition. Maizy is herself a competitive power lifter and naturally trains at Xercise4Less Cumbernauld . Scott certainly has the perfect support network to sustain his grueling workout sessions and enormous nutritional needs.

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The Importance of Working Out at Xercise4Less for Strong Men and Women

Now of course we love working out at our local Xercise4Less gyms but why does a top-class athlete like Scott love our Cumbernauld gym so much?

Amazingly Scott has a Xercise4Less members from the very first day the Cumbernauld gym opened. As Scott tells it, “after using Xercise4Less East Kilbride, when my local gym was closed, I was really impressed with that there was at least two of everything.” For a strongman like Scott, keeping up the intensity of your workout is very important, it “makes a big difference when you don’t have to wait for machines to be free to get your workout done”. Scott is quick to praise the encouragement of our Cumbernauld gym team, “the staff have been great from day one with all their support really helping my progress”.

Getting into World Class Shape at Xercise4Less Gyms

What muscle-straining workout does Scott need to be one of the strongest men in the UK? As you’d expect from a dedicated athlete, he always starts each workout with about 30 mins of stretching and mobility work before lifting any weights. Then he starts a typically fierce workout session at Xercise4Less Cumbernauld where he’s “spoiled for choice” with the range of fitness equipment available:

  • Incline bench 3 sets of 6 – 100,120,130kg
  • Dumbbell flys for 8 – 20-50kg
  • Seated shoulder dumbbell press for 8 – 30-50kg
  • Barbell upright row for 3 sets of 8 – 50kg
  • Dumbbell row for 8 – 50-65kg
  • Wide side grip pull downs, up the stack until fail for 8

Ready to lie down after reading that? Perhaps some food would help, let’s see what Scott eats on a daily basis.

Super Nutrition for a Weight-Lifting Super Man

What does Scott’s amazing 7,000 calorie daily intake look like?

Let Scott explain. “Before the gym I have my 2nd meal of the day which usually consists of 4 slices of toast, 6 poached or scrambled eggs and a pint of fresh orange juice.” That’s just for starters. About an hour later Scott has his SAS Unleashed pre workout supplements before his workout at Xercise4Less Cumbernauld. During this session, he’ll “will drink around 2 liters of SAS Amino MX”. Immediately after his workout, he’ll drink a “SAS Mass gainer shake around 1000 calories” to start to repair his hurting muscles. When Scott gets to work, he has another meal of “chicken or mince and rice”.

Xercise4Less Gyms Welcomes All Fitness Levels

Scott Milne is an incredible athlete who loves working out at the Xercise4Less Cumbernauld gym, but you don’t have to be a strongman to get the most from our welcoming gyms.

When you sign up to a Xercise4Less gym membership, you join an inclusive community of people of all sorts of fitness levels from pro athletes to complete beginners. Our top-notch Personal Trainers work hard to make it easy for you to find the right workout for your body. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a longstanding member like Scott or a complete newbie. Join your local Xercise4Less gym today to start transforming your health and fitness.

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