Workout Guides: Stay fit with help from X4L Gyms

Stepper Workout Guide

Boost your cardiovascular fitness Ready for the ultimate fat burn and calorie blast workout? Working out using the stepper can help you make huge progress in terms of your fitness
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Lat Pulldown

Lat Pulldown Workout Guide

Elevate your back workout Wanting to increase the strength in your upper body? Now is the perfect time to do exactly that. Start increasing your back muscles after just your
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Hip Abduction Machine

Hip Abductor Workout Guide

Build a strong lower body at Xercise4Less Following regular leg workouts and bum workouts will help you to build up a great deal of strength and muscle in your lower
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Diverging Lat Pulldown

Diverging Lat Pulldown Workout Guide

Increase muscle definition on your back Start building up muscles in your back and increase your upper body strength using the diverging lat pulldown at Xercise4Less Gyms. Improve your strength,
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tricep bar - main

Tricep Bar Workout Guide

Effectively work your triceps Build your triceps at Xercise4Less gyms with our tricep bar workout guide. Improve strength, muscle mass and muscular endurance with this easy-to-follow fitness guide. You can
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assisted pull up - main

Assisted Pull-Up Machine Workout Guide

The benefits of the assisted pull-up machine Develop your upper body strength with the assisted pull-up machine at Xercise4Less gyms. This strength training machine uses counter weight to help you
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