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HIIT is a Smash with Xercise4Less Gym Members

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, whether you’ve just joined a gym or are a regular gym user, you’ve probably heard the term HIIT. If you’re not sure what it means or how it can supercharge your Xercise4Less Gyms fitness programme read on for all the heart pumping information that you’ll ever need!

HIIT or high intensity interval training is both really popular and endlessly adaptable. That’s why as part of our selection of heart-raising inclusive group exercise classes we always include a HIIT variation like Core4FiiT or Pump4FiiT.

With HIIT sessions you work hard for short intensive bursts and recover in short rest periods. That means a more efficient use of your exercise time. So, if you’ve ever used the excuse of not having enough time to get to the gym, HIIT burns that excuse to cinders! As a bonus, the intense nature of a HIIT session boosts your metabolism and toasts fat. In addition, a HIIT workout can be adjusted to fit the needs of everyone from a gym newbie to a fitness fanatic. HIIT works just as long as you’re giving it all the energy you have.

You’ll Be Hitting the Hay after a HIIT Session

You’ll really have to work up a sweat to come up with a new excuse not to hit your local Xercise4Less Gyms for a HIIT session but why are they so effective?

The sheer intensity of HIIT helps you burn more calories during a workout than traditional steady state endurance like running on a treadmill. HIIT workouts also burn about 6-15% more calories than normal cardio training for up to 2 hours after your HIIT session and push your metabolism to a higher rate for up to 48-72 hours later. This type of intense training can also improve cardiac function, increase endurance levels and reduce insulin resistance. 

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Sounds pretty good, so when should you HIIT the gym?

Plan an Xercise4Less HIIT Workout Programme that Works for You

When you start including HIIT type training workouts in your Xercise4Less Gyms programme, you could begin with just one HIIT training workout per week and then add more HIIT workouts as you get fitter. We recommend that you spread out your HIIT sessions, avoid back to back sessions and don’t schedule more than 3 workouts in a week. You can though use HIIT for all sorts of exercises from bodyweight and strength sessions to gym cycling or group fitness classes.

How to Get the Most from a HIIT Session

A HIIT session is working out at a very intense level and then resting for a slower recovery period followed by another high intensity set of exercises. Typically, a HIIT workout is done in bursts of 20 seconds to 3 minutes and repeated 3 to 5 times. For the high intensity part, you need to exercise at 80% to 95% of your maximal heart rate; basically, you’d find it difficult to talk. For the recovery period you’re back down to a maximum heart rate of 40% to 50%; best described as comfortable.

You’ll be pushing yourself to the limit so make sure you take on plenty of fluids. When you start out with HIIT sessions your muscles and joints will ache, but you can also look forward to the amazing endorphins you’re experience afterwards. There’s no doubt, HITT is a great addition to any Xercise4Less gym programme.

HIIT the Ground Running with Xercise4Less Gyms

When you join Xercise4Less Gyms we want you to hit your fitness targets no matter how ambitious or real your health goals are. That’s why HIIT can be such an important part of your exercise programme. Make sure when you sign up to one of of our gym memberships that you use your inclusive one to one personal coaching session to talk through the real benefits of HIIT workouts with our Personal Trainers. We know just how energising HIIT sessions can be and we want you to suffer just as much as we do!

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