Hip Abductor Workout Guide

Hip Abduction Machine

Build a strong lower body at Xercise4Less

Following regular leg workouts and bum workouts will help you to build up a great deal of strength and muscle in your lower body which will benefit your other gym sessions and general life too.

If you want increase muscle mass in specific areas such as your glutes, make the most of the hip abductor machine in the resistance machine zone in your Xercise4Less gym. Some of our Ladies Only zones also have a hip abductor meaning that you can work on your lower body strength and start introducing weight training to your workout routine in a comfortable and inclusive space.  

Hip Abductor Machine

How to use the hip abductor effectively to grow your glutes

To make the most of the hip abductor at Xercise4Less Gyms, follow the workout guide to make sure that you’re hitting the right muscles and reaching your full potential in the gym. Firstly, what are you using the hip abductor for? It helps to strengthen and grow the gluteal muscles which are made up of 3 separate muscle groups. By building up stronger and bigger muscles, they will appear more prominent and toned.

When using the hip abductor, start by taking a seat and moving the footrests to a comfortable position. Your workout will be better if you’re starting with your knees together because you get a full range of motion. Once you’re comfortable, position your feet flat on the footrests. Now move the pin into your desired weight. To perform one rep, push your legs outwards as far as they go. Hold this position for a second and then return to your starting position. Repeat this process for 10 reps and 3 sets.

To use this machine to really target your glutes, push out far enough to feel it in your outer glutes and hips. This is what will help your lower body muscles really grow and increase the strength. Try to increase the weight whilst performing these sets just to push yourself and help you to get that little bit stronger. Form is always important when using weighted equipment in the gym. Start with a lower weight to perfect your form and then once you’ve built up more confidence, start to add more weight. Let’s build that peach!

The benefits of strong glutes

Having a strong lower body and strong glutes has lots of benefits. If your bum and legs are one of your problem areas, working on these muscles and toning these parts of your body will improve your body confidence which is really important for your mental health. Not forgetting how strong glutes will help you navigate daily life with more confidence and strength especially with tasks like heavy lifting at work.

This will mean that you’re able to perform more advanced exercises like barbell squats and lunges with ease as you’ve already built up strong enough muscles using the hip abductor machine in the resistance machines gym zone. If one of your main fitness goals is to build muscle, use the hip abductor during your leg workouts to help you increase strength and build up more confidence to start using the free weight gym zones more at Xercise4Less.

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