Lat Pulldown Workout Guide

Lat Pulldown

Elevate your back workout

Wanting to increase the strength in your upper body? Now is the perfect time to do exactly that. Start increasing your back muscles after just your first time using your lat pulldown at Xercise4Less. Lat pulldown resistance machines are strongly proven to help you build muscle, increase your muscle mass but also help to improve your general health and fitness. This machine is designed to help you target your latissimus dorsi (lats) – the biggest muscles in your back – so if you want toned and defined back muscles, this is the machine for you.

Make the most of your back workout or pull day by using the lat pulldown, or include this machine in a full body session to help you increase your upper body strength. With a strong upper body, you’ll be able to push yourself closer your fitness goals and this will also help you in everyday life with things such as lifting heavy objects etc.

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How to use the lat pulldown

Resistance machines allow you to target individual areas, and this is exactly what the lat pulldown. Every time that you’re using this machine, you can purely focus on your back and increase your muscle mass and strength. A great thing about the lat pulldown is that you can easily adjust the weight that you’re lifting so, whether you’re a weight lifting expert or a gym beginner, you should hopefully feel comfortable to use this equipment as you please.

Once you’ve found the lat pulldown, you need to sit down on the seat and adjust the leg rest so that it is resting just above your thighs. The pads shouldn’t be squashing your legs but there shouldn’t be a huge gap. The bigger the gap, the more difficult the lift will be and you’ll start to put pressure on other areas of your body. Once you’re comfortable, sit down and choose the weight you want to lift by moving the pin.

Next, stand up to reach the lat pulldown bar and return to your seat. Pull the handles down so that your elbows are as close to your waist at possible. Hold this position for a second (and until you feel your back muscles working) and then stretch your arms upwards again. Repeat this 8-12 times and then rest for a couple of minutes. Repeat this for 3-5 sets. Once you’ve finished all of your sets, return the lat pulldown bar to the starting position and stand up. Remember to wipe down any equipment ready for the next member to use.

Once you’ve built up your confidence, start to increase the weight on the resistance machine. You could do this every set, every week or every month. To make progress and to improve your upper body strength, just be sure to increase the weight as often as you can. To encourage amazing results in your lats, include the lat pulldown regularly. This could be every back day, upper body session, pull session or full body session. We recommend using the lat pulldown at least once a week.

Resistance machines to suit your goals

In our inclusive gyms at Xercise4Less, we have a wide range of machines in the resistance machines zone to help you build up strength. No matter your fitness goals and preferred type of training, we have something to suit you.

Try to push yourself every time you step into the gym. This might mean squeezing a few extra reps into your workout or increasing the weight so that you’re building up strength and the size of your muscles. The lat pulldown machine should be used regularly in your back workout, pull day or in a full body workout so that you’re able to work numerous muscles at one time and create a balanced amount of strength in your upper body.

Once you feel confident, start to use different machines such as the assisted pull-up machine to build your strength even further. You’ll then be able to perform exercises like deadlifts and bent over rows with more confidence and ease which will mean that you’re building strength and making amazing progress towards your fitness goals.

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